Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Autumn Delights

Alot of change for our family this fall, a new job for mommy, daddy at home full time with the girls for the next year, a new routine for the girls...and with all of that the beautiful change of season. Change brings about a whole lot of emotions...excitment and anxiety for the unknown, but nothing makes it truly as good as committing to just doing whatever you will do and not looking back. Once you embrace your decision and set sail the wind will guide you to your new destination (oh I know I am totally sappy here but bare with me as I recover from H1N1, I'm not totally myself today). So all of this to say...we have embraced our decision and things are booming...well until we got hit with the flu...but be sure it will not stop the excitment that is about to come our way! I wanted to post today since it has been so long and I have a huge backlog of beautiful photos. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, for the many reason but mostly for the colours. When my parents came to visit in September we took them to Fletcher's Wildlife Garden's for visit and I captured these with my mom's camera...I plan on getting them framed for my new office soon!

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